Compassion Sustains The World

The following is my opinion about this thing call Compassion. It is not a definitive article though.

Compassion, in my view, is a very crucial element for sustainability. This is even more relevant to the current volatile world of ours.

The very fabric of the Universe is infused with compassion. It is the binding force that harmonizes and sustains Existence. It prevents the self-destruction and implosion of the universe. It is the allowance and acceptance of aspects of Source toward other aspects of itself. Without it, part of All That Is will harm Itself.

Everything is a reflection of the Source and is the Source. The Source must love parts of Itself. This love serves to prevent the taking of advantage of others.

The universe and world at large cannot be sustained without compassion. The lack of compassion is the lack of the capacity to maintain ‘unity in separation.’ Without Unity, harmony can only be maintained in an unstable manner. This is because without kindness and compassion, there can be no assurance from bullying, harming and or any other forms of advantage taking.

Without compassion we will not understand the suffering of others. Without this understanding, one can inflict hurt without conscience. Therefore a lack of compassion is a form of great ignorance. This great ignorance has produced much harm and suffering. War is often the direct result of a lack of compassion on the part of the perpetuators. Why do I say so? Because the perpetuator has traded the pain of others for some other kind of goals. Unless one is without compassion, one can see just how must suffering this can cause. Without compassion, we will be indifferent and not feel sad for the suffering of others

So, let’s be compassionate and make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading.