Keep Your Children Safe from Bees

I needed to find bee removal in Chandler AZ after I noticed my son had a second bee sting in less than three days. He’s been playing outside in the back yard and I didn’t think much of the first sting when I noticed it after he came in from playing. Things happen and kids always come home with scrapes, bites, scratches and the like. When it happened again, and so soon after the first one, I knew something fishy was going on out back. I went outside and looked around and sure enough I found a beehive behind the shed.

The size of the hive scared the heck out of me. How none of us noticed them building it before didn’t make sense. Continue reading

Marcellus Shale Industrial Development in Western PA

We own a couple of industrial facilities that have been growing in leaps and bounds since the Marcellus Shale oil and gas development really has taken off here in the Western Pennsylvania area. Our acreage is being built up to manage the trucks that work with the hydraulic fracturing of underground rock to make extraction of gas and oil easier. We have needed huge parking areas developed along with facilities to provide truck repair and maintenance. We have pre-engineered steel buildings erected that combine the structure, electrical engineering services and all the other necessary building construction things needed all from one company. Continue reading