Marcellus Shale Industrial Development in Western PA

We own a couple of industrial facilities that have been growing in leaps and bounds since the Marcellus Shale oil and gas development really has taken off here in the Western Pennsylvania area. Our acreage is being built up to manage the trucks that work with the hydraulic fracturing of underground rock to make extraction of gas and oil easier. We have needed huge parking areas developed along with facilities to provide truck repair and maintenance. We have pre-engineered steel buildings erected that combine the structure, electrical engineering services and all the other necessary building construction things needed all from one company.

This makes the time from putting the shovel in the ground to getting it ready for use as short a time span as possible. We go from planning the buildings to breaking ground for their construction in about six weeks. PEMB is pre-engineered metal buildings, and ours are popping up all over the acreage we own for our industrial work. The buildings look nice too. They are not an eyesore at all. We picked a nice color that blends very well with the surrounding area. They do not stick out like a sore thumb here were our industrial park is.

It is also nice that our builder is really close in Washington, PA. The electrical engineering services and air handling and environmental services company that is part of the builder of the steel buildings are all close here in nearby communities serving the Pittsburgh area. We are careful of how we develop as we desire to show our neighbors we care about the land. Whereas some other companies are finding there way in being environmentally responsible, we have thought about that from the beginning. From our steel buildings to our processes, we are in this for the long haul.

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