Keep Your Children Safe from Bees

I needed to find bee removal in Chandler AZ after I noticed my son had a second bee sting in less than three days. He’s been playing outside in the back yard and I didn’t think much of the first sting when I noticed it after he came in from playing. Things happen and kids always come home with scrapes, bites, scratches and the like. When it happened again, and so soon after the first one, I knew something fishy was going on out back. I went outside and looked around and sure enough I found a beehive behind the shed.

The size of the hive scared the heck out of me. How none of us noticed them building it before didn’t make sense. The worst thing about it is that I know for a fact that the bees in this state are extremely dangerous. They’re killer bees that moved into the area back in the 1970s. There was quite the scare campaign about it back then and I think they even made a few movies about how these bees could kill people. It’s not quite as bad as they made it out to be, but they can kill in the right conditions.

I went online and found a good service to get rid of the problem. I liked the fact that they would either kill them using safe solutions that don’t involve toxic chemicals or that they would make an effort to just relocate the hive. I chose the latter because I really wanted to see how in the heck they would move the hive without getting attacked. They came out and put on this suits that covered their entire body and went to work getting the hive into a container. Fascinating stuff, with the best part being we don’t have to worry about the bees anymore.

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