The Nicest Pair of Bibs My Dad Has Had

My dad and his buddies have gotten into the habit of heading north every October. They all love to fish, and this is the perfect time to head that way because of the salmon. His birthday is just a few weeks before they leave, so he usually ends up getting either fishing stuff or something for his trip while there. He can stay up to two weeks at times, so these gifts always come in handy. I thought this year, I would get him some clothing for fishing after looking at a website that sells just that.

He had been talking about needing a new pair of water bibs, and I think he was hinting around for some gift cards to his favorite sporting goods store. However, I wanted to make it so he did not have to worry about this at all. I knew that would be a great gift idea, so I went online to try and find a really nice pair of top water bibs for him. That is how I found the site that I now use not only for fishing clothes but also clothes for hunting.

The bibs that he has are so easy to slide in and out of, and the zippers are all water proof. I know that seems like it would be a given, but you’d be surprised! The pockets are all really huge too, which is perfect for a fisherman since there are so many supplies that are needed to be at the top of your game. The print is gray and black, and it just looks really nice. When my dad tried it on, he told me that he could not have picked a better pair of water bibs for himself. I am really excited for him to use them on this trip because I honestly think they are the nicest pair he has ever had.

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