I Did Some Work for My Boss

I have spent the day doing things for my boss’ wife. They are getting ready to marry off their oldest daughter who just got home from college in Ithaca. At any rate they decided that they needed to get a Suffolk county tree pruning service to fix things in their back yard so that there was more sunlight and my boss realized that I had once worked for a guy who did the same thing. Of course I told him that I had not done that in about twenty years and that I was probably twenty pounds lighter back in those days. You need to have the right gear to do it as well, basically you wear spikes on your boots and you need a loop of cable to hold you on the tree. I could have done the stuff he wanted done, but I would have had to figure out where to get the things I need and perhaps I would need a new chainsaw. The one I have is too big to be climbing up trees with.

At any rate I made some calls and found this old guy that I used to work with. He came up there and did the whole job in about an hour. Of course he had a bucket truck that he had bought from a utility company. The thing looked like it was thirty years old, but everything worked and the thing made the whole job as easy as pie. His son was there to help him and while they were the mother of the bride talked them into stringing up some lights. Of course they will have to come back and take them down, but obviously they have this truck and that makes it all a walk in the park for them.

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