New Stairs to Get to the Roof

When I purchased an older warehouse for more storage space for my growing company, I was happy because I got it for such a great price. I knew that there were things I would need to do before I would be able to put it in full operation, but that did not concern me mainly because of the low price. I had considered all the things I would need to do, and even after the cost of upgrading, it was still a steal. The first thing I did was look up plant platform on my computer, because I was not happy with the ladder going up to the roof.

I know the warehouse had not been used in some time, but it still surprised me that the ladder they had was even in use at all. There are many reasons why authorized personnel would need to get on the roof, and I wanted them to be safe when doing so. I found a reputable company that sells all kinds of roof access ladders and rails, and I actually had a hard time choosing the one that I wanted because there were several designs that I liked.

I thought I was going to get a traditional ladder with the safety surround, but then I saw a set of stairs that have a railing and platform. Knowing that the people who would be going up there could be carrying a lot of things with them, this seemed like the best option. Rather than climbing up a ladder, they could simply walk up the steps to get to the roof. I knew that if I was carrying heavy equipment, that is how I would want to get up there. That was the first change I made, and the rest of the upgrades were even easier to make!

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