We Needed to Make Our Property Free of Pests

We have had a second home for about 20 years. This is because the house used to belong to her parents. When they passed away, she did not want to sell it. She is very attached to it, and she also hoped that when we retire, we could move into the house full time. So, we used it to stay in when we would go back to NJ for vacations. Now that we have moved in, there are a lot of geese, so we had to get some Canada geese control in NJ so that we would have some peace and quiet.

The geese had always been around when we came to the house for visits. However, there were never that many of them. We mostly saw them as they flew overheard on their way to some other place. The ones that lived on the property were pretty quiet and stayed to themselves. We liked to go outside at sundown and watch them. They did not seem to mind us either.

When we retired and moved in full time, we noticed that a good many of them had moved in and made our property their home. This did not really bug us too much, until we realized that we could not spend too much time outside because of all the droppings they left all over our yard. We tried to figure out a way that we could try to keep the yard clean ourselves, but then the geese themselves became a problem in another way. After they had babies, they did not trust around them. My wife would go outside to try to hang clothes out on our clothesline outdoors, and they would chase after her. I tried to water some flowers outside, and they attacked me. The solution was clear in that the geese needed to go.

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