The Nicest Pair of Bibs My Dad Has Had

My dad and his buddies have gotten into the habit of heading north every October. They all love to fish, and this is the perfect time to head that way because of the salmon. His birthday is just a few weeks before they leave, so he usually ends up getting either fishing stuff or something for his trip while there. He can stay up to two weeks at times, so these gifts always come in handy. I thought this year, I would get him some clothing for fishing after looking at a website that sells just that.

He had been talking about needing a new pair of water bibs, and I think he was hinting around for some gift cards to his favorite sporting goods store. However, I wanted to make it so he did not have to worry about this at all. Continue reading

Keep Your Children Safe from Bees

I needed to find bee removal in Chandler AZ after I noticed my son had a second bee sting in less than three days. He’s been playing outside in the back yard and I didn’t think much of the first sting when I noticed it after he came in from playing. Things happen and kids always come home with scrapes, bites, scratches and the like. When it happened again, and so soon after the first one, I knew something fishy was going on out back. I went outside and looked around and sure enough I found a beehive behind the shed.

The size of the hive scared the heck out of me. How none of us noticed them building it before didn’t make sense. Continue reading

Marcellus Shale Industrial Development in Western PA

We own a couple of industrial facilities that have been growing in leaps and bounds since the Marcellus Shale oil and gas development really has taken off here in the Western Pennsylvania area. Our acreage is being built up to manage the trucks that work with the hydraulic fracturing of underground rock to make extraction of gas and oil easier. We have needed huge parking areas developed along with facilities to provide truck repair and maintenance. We have pre-engineered steel buildings erected that combine the structure, electrical engineering services and all the other necessary building construction things needed all from one company. Continue reading

Personal and Business Credit Should Be Taken Seriously

When you graduate high school you will start to get credit card offers. Resist the urge. Credit can be built up or ruined. If you have any plans of buying a house or starting a business, you need to know how to build your personal as well as how to build your business credit profile. Credit is a strange animal. Lenders from credit card agencies to banks want to extend you credit. Their goal is for them to make money with the interest you pay. As long as you make the minimum payments on a credit card, you will keep the credit card agency happy. However, you are just throwing away money doing that.

You should use credit wisely. Continue reading

My Own Personal Space in Tallahassee

I was not sure how long it was going to take me to look at one bedroom apartments in Tallahassee and find the one that was best suited for me. I figured it would take at least a few weeks, so I was surprised when it took less than one hour. I started my search for the perfect apartment online, which is how I was able to manage to find one so quickly. I just looked in a certain area since I did not want a long commute time for work, and that is how I found Parkway Square.

I looked at pictures of the grounds first, since that is really telling about a complex. If it doesn’t look nice on the outside, chances are the inside will not be nice either. I know that the opposite can be true too, but that was not the case with Parkway Square. The next thing I really liked is that I had choices here. Continue reading

I Am Enjoying Life a Lot More Now

When my husband told me he wanted a divorce, I was shocked. I had no idea that anything like this was coming. I did beg him to give us another chance, but I stopped that when I found out the reason he wanted a divorce was because he was seeing someone behind my back. I started to look for apartments for rent in Schaumburg IL after that. I wanted a two bedroom apartment in a nice area of town because I knew that I would retain full custody of our daughter after what he did.

I did not want to stay in the house where we had been what I thought was a happy family. I wanted a fresh start, and I knew that would be best for our daughter as well. When I saw an apartment that I really liked at Village in the Park, I knew that it was the one we were going to move into. Continue reading

Compassion Sustains The World

The following is my opinion about this thing call Compassion. It is not a definitive article though.

Compassion, in my view, is a very crucial element for sustainability. This is even more relevant to the current volatile world of ours.

The very fabric of the Universe is infused with compassion. It is the binding force that harmonizes and sustains Existence. It prevents the self-destruction and implosion of the universe. It is the allowance and acceptance of aspects of Source toward other aspects of itself. Without it, part of All That Is will harm Itself.

Everything is a reflection of the Source and is the Source. The Source must love parts of Itself. This love serves to prevent the taking of advantage of others.

The universe and world at large cannot be sustained without compassion. The lack of compassion is the lack of the capacity to maintain ‘unity in separation.’ Without Unity, harmony can only be maintained in an unstable manner. This is because without kindness and compassion, there can be no assurance from bullying, harming and or any other forms of advantage taking.

Without compassion we will not understand the suffering of others. Without this understanding, one can inflict hurt without conscience. Therefore a lack of compassion is a form of great ignorance. This great ignorance has produced much harm and suffering. War is often the direct result of a lack of compassion on the part of the perpetuators. Why do I say so? Because the perpetuator has traded the pain of others for some other kind of goals. Unless one is without compassion, one can see just how must suffering this can cause. Without compassion, we will be indifferent and not feel sad for the suffering of others

So, let’s be compassionate and make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading.